Five impressive homes that showcase the best in home building, design and technology.

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If you’ve been to a VESTA Home Show before, then you know you are truly witnessing the “future of home building”. Within this small community, the area’s best builders team up with the area’s best vendors and present the greatest open house the city has ever seen. State-of-the-Art materials and techniques come together to show you a brand new home design you never knew you wanted. Each year, this showcase gives visitors and opportunity to


and plan to include these new innovations in their next home buying experience. This October, plan on coming to the show that

Shows you what we’re made of.

Ainsley Manor

Ainsley Manor, a Renaissance Development community in Hickory Withe, Fayette County just east of Arlington, is the site of the 2016 VESTA Home Show. This large-lot Estate Development features only 46 lots ranging from 1 to 9 acres and has been master-planned in the preservation style of development.

What does this mean to you?

It means a VESTA Show like The Cloisters in 2006 and like Windsor Place in 2007, both Fayette County Shows hosted by Renaissance Development and two of VESTA’s most successful Shows ever! 2016 brings you 5 unique VESTA homes you can tour that will re-define excellence in new home design and construction. Unique multi-generational floor plans, innovative interior designs and cutting edge technologies for today and tomorrow’s needs and changing lifestyles. So unique and innovative that 4 of the 5 VESTA homes have already sold!

West Tennessee's Biggest Open House

Visit the 2016 VESTA Home Show.
October 8th – 30th.